Cuddle Bugs is now Cuddle Bugs Senior Center for Small Dogs

In 6 years of operation, Cuddle Bugs has helped nearly 400 small and mid-sized dogs find homes in San Miguel, with rescue groups in Ontario and Vancouver, Canada, and Albuquerque, New Mexico, as well as direct adoptions in several homes in British Columbia and several locations in the U.S.

Cuddle Bugs is no longer "trying to save the world" by taking in every poor abandoned small dog.  As needy and precious as they all are, I simply no longer have the physical or financial resources to take in every one brought to my door.

Instead, I am focusing my efforts to help the senior dogs, and dogs with special needs who are otherwise unadoptable.  Occasionally I'll take in a dog or 2 who can be recuperated from the ravages of neglect and hope to find homes for them.  

Once recovered I'll post their information here and on my Cuddle Bugs 4 U Facebook Page.  Please check with me regularly if you are looking for your perfect companion.

Sterilization is the most humane, effective and safest way to help control the problem of overpopulation among cats and dogs.  


La esterilización es la forma más humana, eficaz y segura para ayudar a controlar el problema de la sobrepoblación de los gatos y perros.

Annual Rabies vaccinations are required by law and in many rural areas are provided free of charge by the State of Guanajuato. 


Rabia anuales vacunas son requeridas por la ley y en muchas zonas rurales se proporcionan de forma gratuita por el Estado de Guanajuato.




If your pet escapes from your property or runs off, this tag offers you a way to be reunited.


Si su mascota deja de alguna maner su propiedad o control, esta etiqueta ofrece una manere para que los rescateistas lo localicen.  

Cuddle Bugs 4 U is created for the benefit of the animals and the community of San Miguel de Allende.  For information about the content of this site please contact:


Cuddle Bugs 4 U se crea en beneficio de los animales y de la comunidad de San Miguel de Allende. Para obtener información sobre el contenido de este sitio, por favor póngase en contacto con:

Bobbi Fries

Telephone : 415-154-0783

US : 408-627-7941
Email : bugs 4 u

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