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All Cuddle Bugs!! are sterilized, vaccinated and thoroughly checked and treated for any health problems.  Most are small enough to fly in-cabin. They are also socialized with other dogs and temperment tested.  We won't release a dog that we feel is not compatible with you or your home situation.  Adoption fee is $150 USD.  Transportation to the US and Canada can be arranged at the adopter's expense.

Todos los Cuddle Bugs!! son esterilizados, vacunados y minuciosamente revisado y tratado por problemas de salud. Ellos también son socializados con otros perros y temperamento a prueba. No vamos a liberar a un perro que sentimos no es compatible con usted o su situación en el hogar.  Tasa de adopción es de $ 150 USD. Transporte de los EE.UU. y Canadá se puede arreglar por cuenta del adoptante.

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BAILEY is a beige Cockapoo, about 16 lbs, and 1-2 years old.  He is an owner surrender.  He's very lively and active and would be good with considerate children.  




CB 26



Found in the streets

Cocker/Chihuahua Mix

Female / Hembra

2 years old / Tiene 2 años

14 lbs / 5.5 kilos 

Short hair

This lovely little girl already knows some commands in English, is very playful and loving, and doesn't get into anything she shouldn't.  Found wandering in the streets, she is in need of a home of active kids and/or dogs.  Still seeming very much the puppy, she learns quickly and wants very much to please her person.  

IB 1



"Fluffy White Puppy!

Male / Macho

1-2 years old / Tiene 1-2 años

Under 12 lbs / sobre 5 kilos  

Requires regular grooming


Found on the streets of San Miguel, Cruz is a mix of many fluffy white dogs so his breed is difficult to determine.  


Contract Isis Bobadilla

 for information and to see him. 

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